Journal of Cryptographic Engineering


Dear JCEN Editor

The Journal of Cryptographic Engineering is a comprehensive source for high-quality scientific articles on methods, techniques, tools, implementations, and applications of research in applied cryptography and cryptographic engineering.

I prepared this website for you to welcome you to our team, and hopefully to answer some questions that you may have. I also thought it is a good idea to have a website for the editors, where we post our personal or professional website URLs, and contact information.

Çetin Kaya Koç  


Journal of Cryptographic Engineering is a quarterly journal, published by Springer. JCEN publishes research and tutorial papers in the areas of the CHES (Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems) Workshop. The first issue was published in March 2011.

This website is prepared for the Editors of the Journal of  Cryptographic Engineering and contains review guidelines and answers to frequently asked questions.

Authors should refer to Springer’s JCEN  websites for journal scope & manuscript formats and submission instructions, or see the Links page.

Steering Committee

Çetin Kaya Koç (Editor-in-Chief)

Christof Paar

Jean-Jacques Quisquater

Ingrid Verbauwhede